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About Angst/Daydreamer

This is about my progressive rock double album, released in December, 2009.

CD 1 - About Angst is a concept album inspired by one of Grimm's fairy tales: “The story of the youth who went forth to learn what fear was”.
CD 2 - Daydreamer is a collection of individual songs and instrumental pieces.

Cover of About Angst    Cover of Daydreamer

The album has an overall playtime of about 2h:20min and is packed in a high-quality digicase.


Use the players beneath to listen to all the tracks of the album.

To preserve a maximum of dynamics and clarity the tracks are compressed only moderately. Therefore, they are roughly half as loud as the overcompressed music of the majority of current releases. So turn up the volume!

CD1 - About Angst

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CD2 - Daydreamer

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Here you can download the Book of Lyrics.