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Aigues Vives

Aigues Vives

Aigues Vives is Old French and means "lively water". It is also the name of a German folk-rock band of the 70s and 80s.

The group started as a rock band in the early seventies. The musical style covered a broad range form classic to progressive rock and was inspired by bands such as Jethro Tull, Camel, Yes, King Crimson, Cream und Genesis.

After some shake-ups, a re-orientation took place and henceforth, Aigues Vives acted as a folk and folk-rock band and played their original compositions with acoustic and electric instruments.

The music of Aigues Vives is very unique. The songs don't have the established structure of popular folk and rock music - verse, chorus, bridge - but are more epic and progressive, even though without proliferating solo sections. The music is characterized by calm acoustic instrumentation and three and four-part vocal harmonies.

1981 the album Water Of Seasons was published by EWP/Aarton Music. Credits:

Recorded, mixed and produced at Galgenbergstudio/Schwabach by Hans-Jürgen Fickel

In 2004, the album was re-released as CD with four bonus tracks. It is still available. You can order it for 15 euros + shipping costs. Please send me a mail.

Track list of Water Of Seasons CD

From the original master tape:

01 - The Accident (Enders)
02 - Heroes (Beck, Enders, Wolff)
03 - Dent Du Geánt (Enders)
04 - Night (Beck)
05 - Flying Fortress (Enders, Wolff)
06 - Water Of Seasons (Kremer, Beck)
07 - Mediterranean Journey (Enders)
08 - Planet Of Dreamers (Enders)
Bonus tracks (from the pre-production tapes of
"Dwarfs Casting Long Shadows"):

09 - The Knight-Errant (Enders, Beck)
10 - The Sailor (Enders, Beck)
11 - E' Pericoloso Sporgersi (Enders)
12 - The Forest Queen (Enders, Beck)

Listen to a medley of tracks of Water Of Seasons: