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R.E. Transmitter


The Acrophobic Balloonist

Click on the picture above to view the art book. A new window will open. It might take a while to load the data. Using the two windows, you may read the lyrics while listening to the music.
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This is my sixth solo album. The download version is as always free and contains the songs in the best possible MP3 quality as well as the art book in PDF format. Click on the cover image to view a virtual version of the art book. Use the player below to listen to the songs.

I've been working on this album for two years. I had a lot of support from my friend Richard Bellinghausen. He performed the lead vocals on "The Present's Too Precious" and "Attracted To Foreign Shores" and wrote the lyrics for "Too Dumb For Paradise", "Attracted To Foreign Shores", "Something Fishy At The Outpost" and, together with me, "The Present's Too Precious". He also designed the art book and contributed some photos.

But he wasn't the only one who helped me. I would like to thank the following persons for their contributions:

Nikolas Mews performed the lead vocals on "The Acrophobic Balloonist" and "Beware Of Sirens".
Hiltrud Triphaus, Sonja Lichtenberg and Peter Müller together with Richard were my choir on "3000". Hiltrud also performed one of the background vocals on "The Present's Too Precious". Elisabeth Enders, Bernd Giershausen and Karin Kämmerer have contributed photos. Anne Schiranski worked as the model on the cover and in the art book.



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