This was my first solo album. I recorded it in 2005 and remixed it in 2011. I readily admit that it was inspired by Spock`s Beard`s Album "Snow". I fell in love with Snow and developed the desire to write a concept album myself.
It tells the story of Caine - a famous rock star who survives a near-fatal car accident. Caine falls in a coma and goes through a near death experience. After his recovery his personality has changed totally. He expresses his new spirituality in the lyrics of his songs and becomes the spearhead of a movement whose goal is an undogmatic spirituality that bridges the gap between religions, science and philosophy. But a minority of his followers regards him as the new Messiah and they exploit him for their crusade against tolerance and freedom of worship. As he defies them they send an assassin who kills Caine. After his death his vision of a reconciliation of world religions, philosophy and science seems to fulfil, but the open-end question of the story is: is Caine's way the right one or will his ideas - as many spiritual revelations before - lead to intolerance, persecution of dissidents or even wars of religion?



  • Roland Enders: Composed the music, wrote the lyrics, played and programmed all instruments, mixed and mastered the album, created the artwork and worked as a speaker and singer on some tracks
  • Claudia Salzig (as storyteller): vocals
  • Nikolas Mews (as Caine): vocals


CD 1 (MP3)

CD 2 (MP3)


Listen to some of the tracks:



The Experience Of Being Dead

The Message

The Schizm


Interlude: The Tempest

Video - The Message