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Ages Ahead Of The Fashion

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Track list

01 - Mixed Reviews
02 - A Little Lighter Every Day
03 - Slip Right In
04 - Unicorn On A Unicycle
05 - Catherine Says
06 - Steeped In Anticipation
07 - Festival Of The Birds
08 - Probably You
09 - Burning Bridges
10 - Keeping Up With Yesterday
11 - Making Contact Through A Lens
12 - Froglets Taking A Nap
13 - How The West Was Lost
14 - Saddle Bag Lament
15 - In Flagrante Delicto?
16 - Wonder Thing
17 - Closer To The Sun


Casino Babel:
  Karl Beck
  Richard Bellinghausen
  Roland Enders
  Peter Müller
  Achim Susbauer

Guest musicians:
  Winfried Brauner
  Sebastian Frick
  Lilo Gerdes
  Steffi Giershausen
  Sonja Lichtenberg
  Sigrid Pallast
  Claudia Salzig
  Michael Tamme
  Edgar Zens

Artwork and pictures:
  Richard Bellinghausen
  Franz Buhr
  Elisabeth Enders

Cover model:
  Karen Korth

Production and web design:
  Roland Enders

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In the mid-eighties regionally well-known folk-rock group Aigues Vives disbanded after many live gigs, one LP and a Compact Cassette of demos for an intended follow-up. Three of its members, Karl Beck (vocals, bass, guitar), Roland Enders (vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass) and Richard Bellinghausen (vocals, drums, percussion) subsequently started studio project Casino Babel to record a cassette tape's worth of newly-created songs. In the initial run that debut was followed by another five albums. Collaborating with a number of guest musicians Casino Babel checked out the creative alleys of folk, pop and rock. Malte Burchard (technology) and Karin Thiermann (vocals) were temporary members completing the lineup of Beck, Enders and Bellinghausen.

Using modern computer technology it is fairly easy nowadays to single-handedly produce well-sounding songs. During the years '85 to '97 when Casino Babel was active as a studio unit this was quite a challenge though. Technological means such as 8-track recorder, Atari computer, spring reverb, 8-bit-drumbox and some cheap microphones were very limited. Considering the circumstances at that time quite an appealing sound was nevertheless achieved. Original producer Roland Enders created restored and remastered versions in 2010.

That same year the band decided to record a new album after a 13-year-hiatus. Since then founder members Beck, Enders and Bellinghausen have been joined by two additional songwriters, Peter Müller and Achim Susbauer. The current album Ages Ahead Of The Fashion was released on Dec. 12th, 2012.


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