Mintville is an imaginary, rather small rural settlement where sophisticated gardeners and musicians live. Although they are a long way past their forties they are still in mint condition, like collectable vinyl records. All the women who have moved here after many years of travels and affairs are attractive, smart and warm-hearted. It is always a source of amazement at their recurring "39th" birthday parties that they have daughters in their late twenties. Gangs of cats and children are the secret rulers of this village.

Mintville is also a group of amateur musicians. Consisting of founder members Achim Susbauer (vocals & guitar), Peter Müller (piano, vocals, guitar & bouzouki) and Richard Bellinghausen (vocals & percussion) it was created among old friends when in spring 2011 we finally decided to meet for weekly rehearsals instead of the usual three times a year. Old buddy Franz Johann Kremer (electric bass, double bass, flute & vocals) joined in 2015. Singers Steffi Giershausen and Hiltrud Triphaus came and went. Since 2012 our songbook has made a shift from cover versions to originals for which Achim and Peter provide music and Richard his English (sort of) lyrics.

The inimitable Roland Enders acts as studio wizard, capturing our songs for "posterity". A number of high-calibre guest stars assist us in achieving luxurious recordings while our sound is more basic when we play the same songs live as a four piece band.


Reluctant Beekeepers (2019) - A Scent Of Strawberries (2014) - Bats Bereft Of Radar (2014) - Videos

Reluctant Beekeepers

The second album from 2019


Mintville at the time of this recording were:

  • Richard Bellinghausen: vocals, percussion & pad drums
  • Franz Johann Kremer: electric bass, double bass & flute
  • Peter Müller: vocals, piano, acoustic guitar & bouzouki
  • Achim Susbauer: vocals, acoustic & electric guitar
  • Hiltrud Triphaus: vocals & percussion


  • Wilfried Bellinghausen: vibraphone & french horn
  • Roland Enders: pad drums
  • Sigrid Pallast: violin
  • Edgar Zens: organ & accordion

Artwork, pictures:

  • Richard Bellinghausen: design
  • Biggi Fohrer: original artwork
  • Franz Buhr: photos
  • Bernd Giershausen: photos

Production: Roland Enders

We used ambient-samples from on some of the songs.


Beekeepers-Ears - songs (MP3)

Beekeepers-Eyes - artwork, lyrics & more

Listen to:

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A Rowboat On A Sand Dune


Barley Scones And Cream

Invitation To No Man's Land

Nanga Parbat


Ask The Seven Fountains

Family Business

Nine Feet Above In The Air

Everything Flows

A Single Mother's Lullaby

Eyes As Deep As A Lake


Stracciatella Fitzgerald

A Scent Of Strawberries

Single from 2014


Music: Peter Müller (with Richard Bellinghausen, Roland Enders & Hiltrud Triphaus)

Lyrics: Richard Bellinghausen (with Peter Müller)


  • Achim Susbauer: acoustic guitar
  • Hiltrud Triphaus: vocals
  • Peter Müller: vocals & piano
  • Richard Bellinghausen: vocals & percussion
  • Roland Enders: electric guitar & keyboard (flute)
  • Sebastian Frick: cello

Artwork, pictures:

  • Richard Bellinghausen: design
  • Franz Buhr: photos

Production: Roland Enders


Strawberries - song & booklet

Listen to:

A Scent Of Strawberries

Bats Bereft Of Radar

Their debut album from 2014


Guest musicians:

  • Karl Beck
  • Wilfried Bellinghausen
  • Roland Enders
  • Roberto Fersini
  • Sebastian Frick
  • Lilo Gerdes
  • Steffi Giershausen
  • Franz Johann Kremer
  • Sonja Lichtenberg
  • Sabrina Palm
  • Anne Schiranski
  • Michael Tamme
  • Hiltrud Triphaus
  • Edgar Zens

Artwork, images:

  • Richard Bellinghausen
  • Tom Birkhäuser
  • Franz Buhr
  • Elisabeth Enders

We used ambient-samples from on some of the songs.


Bats-Ears - audio tracks (MP3)

Bats-Eyes - Artwork, Lyrics & more

Listen to:

Every Mouth You Kissed

Progress Stumbles On

Peppermint Patty

Cherry Blossom Time

Nobody There

Expecting Good Weather

A Sudden Glimpse Of Spring

A Matter Of Trust

A Word About Changing

Paint Me A Desert

Luxury In Solitude

Indian Summer Girls

Snow In Clonakilty

The Eve-Janine Rag


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A Rowboat On A Sand Dune

Live on the "Waldbühne" in September 2017


Live on the "Waldbühne" in September 2017

Paint Me A Desert

Album version from 2014

Progress Stumbles On

Early live version from October 2012

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