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Mintville is an imaginary, rather small rural settlement where sophisticated gardeners and musicians live. Although they are a long way past their forties they are still in mint condition, like collectable vinyl records. All the women who have moved here after many years of travels and affairs are attractive, smart and warm-hearted. It is always a source of amazement at their recurring "39th" birthday parties that they have daughters in their late twenties. Gangs of cats and children are the secret rulers of this village.

Mintville is also a group of amateur musicians. Consisting of founder members Achim Susbauer, Peter Müller and Richard Bellinghausen it was created among friends when in spring 2011 we decided to play music more regularly instead of the few isolated events we had gotten used to in the more than 20 years we'd already known each other. Our songbook has since made a shift from cover versions to originals for which Achim and Peter provide music and Richard his English (sort of) lyrics. With the arrival of Hiltrud Triphaus and Franz Kremer in 2015 the band expanded to quintet size.

The inimitable Roland Enders acts as studio and guitar wizard, capturing our songs for "posterity". A number of high-calibre guest stars assist us in achieving luxurious recordings while our sound is more vegetarian and basic when we play the same songs live as a five piece band.

For a free download of our current album see download area.

Audio samples

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Bats Bereft Of Radar


01 - Every Mouth You Kissed
02 - Progress Stumbles On
03 - Peppermint Patty
04 - Cherry Blossom Time
05 - Nobody There
06 - Expecting Good Weather
07 - A Sudden Glimpse Of Spring
08 - A Matter Of Trust
09 - A Word About Changing
10 - Paint Me A Desert
11 - Luxury In Solitude
12 - Indian Summer Girls
13 - Snow In Clonakilty
14 - The Eve-Janine Rag

Instrument list


  Richard Bellinghausen
  Peter Müller
  Achim Susbauer

Guest musicians:
  Karl Beck
  Wilfried Bellinghausen
  Roland Enders
  Roberto Fersini
  Sebastian Frick
  Lilo Gerdes
  Steffi Giershausen
  Franz Kremer
  Sonja Lichtenberg
  Sabrina Palm
  Anne Schiranski
  Michael Tamme
  Hiltrud Triphaus
  Edgar Zens

Artwork and photos:
  Richard Bellinghausen
  Tom Birkhäuser
  Franz Buhr
  Elisabeth Enders

Production and web design:
  Roland Enders

Credits for ambient samples from

Download area

Bats-Ears - Songs (MP3)

Bats-Eyes - Artwork, lyrics & more

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