I recorded three solo albums under the artist name Rolander :


Entropy was the most ambitious project I achieved so far. It comprises eight audio tracks with a total playing time of about one hour, and five music videos. I managed it all myself.
This project is non-commercial. Feel free to download the songs.

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The City's Dream

New Eden

The Rite Of Winter

The Networked Life

Two Doors


The videos

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Entropy is an elusive, abstract, scientific term. To put it simply, it states the fact that disorder will increase in the whole universe.

Entropy is the reason why we perceive time. The world is developing in one direction and will never reach a previous state. Life spans from birth to death, the universe expands from "Big Bang" to "Big Chill", ending cold, empty and lifeless.

The City's Dream

The novel "Perdido Street Station" by China Miéville inspired me to write this song. I tried to transfer the mood and vibrancy of the fictitious city "New Crobuzon" to a contemporary megacity. A lot of the figures of speech I used in the lyrics originate form Miéville's pen.

The Rite of Winter

Not a winter blues but some serious thoughts about.. Well listen to the lyrics.
My wife Elisabeth has shot the title photo.

Two Doors

Scenes from the mind of a person who suffers from bipolar disorder. Two mental doors lead to the landscapes of fancy and mood: "Ecstasy", the land of joy and the "Shattered Plains", the land of grief.


W.A.T.E.R. is a symphonic rock tune. Obviously, the element water is its theme. The video shows a lot of impressive nature footage.
My wife Elisabeth has shot the title photo.

After two progressive rock concept albums I fancied a change: the next album should have no tracks longer than eight minutes, no over-complex structures, not as many odd measures and no overarching theme. So this CD is just a collection of stand-alone songs and instrumentals located between folk and rock.

The album is available as free download! To make your own CD find the print files, CD-image or mp3-files below in the download area.

To make the printing of the artwork as easy as possible for you the booklet has only four pages to fit on one sheet of paper. Therefore, it does not include the lyrics. They are provided separately.



Roland Enders: vocals, guitars & stringed instruments,
keyboards, kb-Bass, kb-drums,
recording, mix & mastering,
music & lyrics

Nikolas Mews: lead vocals on 05 & 07

Bettina Berchem: 2nd lead & backing vocals on 02

Kai Heyrock: bass on 01 & 07,
additional guitars on 01,
lead guitars on 03,
2nd lead guitar on 09

Hanspeter Hess: Hammond-solo on 03,
keyboards on 09

Stefan Dittmar: drums on 03, 07 & 09

Alex Gajic: lyrics of 08

Elisabeth Enders: photos



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Print files (Booklet, Inlay & Label)


Listen to:

The Night Of The Hunter

The Facets Of Ice

The Convention Of Camels



Aurora Borealis

Down's Syndrome

A Sun-tanned Smile

The Mission

This was my first solo album. I recorded it in 2005 and remixed it in 2011. I readily admit that it was inspired by Spock`s Beard`s Album "Snow". I fell in love with Snow and developed the desire to write a concept album myself.
It tells the story of Caine - a famous rock star who survives a near-fatal car accident. Caine falls in a coma and goes through a near death experience. After his recovery his personality has changed totally. He expresses his new spirituality in the lyrics of his songs and becomes the spearhead of a movement whose goal is an undogmatic spirituality that bridges the gap between religions, science and philosophy. But a minority of his followers regards him as the new Messiah and they exploit him for their crusade against tolerance and freedom of worship. As he defies them they send an assassin who kills Caine. After his death his vision of a reconciliation of world religions, philosophy and science seems to fulfil, but the open-end question of the story is: is Caine's way the right one or will his ideas - as many spiritual revelations before - lead to intolerance, persecution of dissidents or even wars of religion?



Roland Enders: Composed the music, wrote the lyrics, played and programmed all instruments,
mixed and mastered the album, created the artwork and worked as a speaker and singer on some tracks
Claudia Salzig (as storyteller): vocals
Nikolas Mews (as Caine): vocals


CD 1 (MP3)

CD 2 (MP3)


Listen to some of the tracks:



The Experience Of Being Dead

The Message

The Schizm


Interlude: The Tempest

Video - The Message